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An Irish-based EMEA Digital Legal Services Centre?

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We’re thinking of moving ahead, initially, on the concept of a “digital legal services centre”. This could be an IFSC type development from which services such as  intellectual property, rights clearance, payments, data protection, retention & privacy etc. could be provided for digital firms operating within the EMEA region.

If there is sufficient support (financial as well as practical), the IIEA will initiate a scoping excersize to consider the feasibility and benefits of an Irish-based EMEA or EU digital legal services centre. The IIEA will also work to bring the interested parties together to take the idea further.

If anyone is interested in this idea, please contact me through this blog, or E-mail

The initial idea in Trend 4 is that this could focus on payments and rights clearance for digital content, but as Trend 5 shows, the scope might be broader. This means that a digital legal services centre may be directly relevant to many businesses. 

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Written by johnnyryan

06/01/2009 at 13:23