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As part of the national strategy, Government could consider the importance of branding Ireland as a Green Data Centre Location in the European, Middle East, Africa area (EMEA). This was a point of consensus among many of the consulted stakeholders, and is elaborated upon below under trend 6, below.

Thanks to the foresight of Government initiatives in the early 2000s, Ireland was ranked joint first in Western Europe in the legal environment category of the 2008 IBM E-Readiness Ranking. This reputation may allow Ireland to maintain firms here that require a solid legal framework and reputation for confidentiality, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), financial services, and gambling, that might not be available in competing outsourcing locations. A number of stakeholders suggested that there may be an opportunity to brand Ireland as a Digital Legal Hub. This measure would work in synergy with the “digital IFSC” proposal in trend 2, above. As a part of the legal hub, a taskforce could be drawn together to consider the feasibility of a global rights clearance hub. A number of stakeholders emphasised this opportunity, and, while attractive in the light of the digital media boom and emergence of SaaS/S+S, further study would be required to assess whether the proposal is feasible. The Taxation Commission could investigate whether innovative tax deductions could be introduced to make Ireland an attractive location in which to vest intellectual property, and whether new tax treaties are necessary to minimise double taxation on foreign withholding tax. In addition, new measures to enhance Ireland’s conformity with US intellectual property and trade compliance law could be considered. One stakeholder proposed that Ireland lobby to join the US Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), thereby allowing parties filing patents of first instance to do so in Ireland, with the added assurance that they could pursue infringers in the US for damages.

A temporary policy and industry taskforce could discuss an optimal national strategy to promote Ireland as a location for localisation services. Already, Ireland is home to large localisation operations, and has a base of localisation research at the University of Limerick. While Ireland may be prohibitively expensive as a location for services such as low level technical support, localisation is higher up the value chain. By creating an international hub of localisation services within Ireland when the Cloud Computing trend is in its infancy, Ireland’s capacity to deliver these services will be well developed when the SaaS/S+S market matures.


Written by johnnyryan

13/12/2008 at 01:53

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  1. Not to be cynical, but let’s start any branding with Secure – High-Tech – Educated – and then add Green to the mix, and some really smart imagery. Yes, this could do the trick, and our climate, as noted elsewhere, can actually help!

    I am rather less clear on the IP concept. In the real world – not the fantasy place occupied by some content owners, and to a lesser extent creators, and some lawyers, with their collective no-relation-to-reality ideas about indefinitely trying to extend copyright – users tend to get what they want as they want it. At good quality, and often with features the real owners couldn’t be bothered to, or genuinely can’t make a business case to, provide, such as obscure language subtitling.

    But, as above, I certainly back localisation.

    J Doyle

    20/12/2008 at 11:56

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